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Amy Kaplan

Mark Hunt has been anything but shy with his feelings about USADA, the UFC and his former opponents.

But it looks like he may have taken it one step farther and denied a USADA out-of-competition test.

According to an Instagram caption he posted on Tuesday he seems to imply that USADA tried to administer a test, but he refused.

"Out of competition testing wtf are these people on u didn't do shit about the other dirtbag cheaters and u want to test me take your testing and stick it up your ass usada," he wrote.

Hunts most recently loss came at the hands of Brock Lesnar who was flagged for a potential doping violation shortly after the UFC 200 bout.

Saying Hunt was mad would be an understatement.

The punishment for refusing a USADA test is a strike. Three strikes in one year and the athlete will be considered to have failed a test, and punished as such.

Doesn't seem like he cares about that strike though does it?


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