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As one of the most feared heavyweight boxers of all-time, you'd think Mike Tyson would have no trouble transferring his skills in the ring to the big screen. However, according to The Hangover director Todd Phillips, Iron Mike needed some help getting his fake fighting technique down for the classic 2009 comedy.

Phillips and actor Bradley Cooper stopped by the Late Late Show with James Corden to promote their new film War Dogs, and the pair revealed a few of their favorite stories from working with Tyson on the set of The Hangover.

The director recalled how he had to help the legendary boxer get his moves right for the camera during the scene where he knocks out Zach Galifianakis.

"He had to punch Zach in the face, you remember in the movie, and there's a particular way to throw a punch in a movie," Phillips told the late-night host. "He kept kind of doing it wrong for camera, in fact he was sort of pulling it back too far."

He went on to show Tyson the right way to throw a movie punch, to which the boxer gave an hilarious response.

"Without missing a beat he goes, 'Oh this is great, I'm getting boxing lessons from the captain of the Jewish debating team,'" Phillips said while imitating Tyson's voice. "It was like a perfectly timed line."

As for Cooper, the actor admitted that he became actual friends with the boxing legend after working with him on the project.

Cooper said that he went to the New York premiere of the James Toback documentary Tyson with the pugilist and his family. Tyson returned the favor by bringing his family to one of Cooper's plays and presented him with a boxing belt, although it definitely wasn't a real championship strap.

"I didn't know what to do because it had like the medallions and everything," Cooper said. "I also noticed that it actually wasn't a real belt. I think it was like a Mike Tyson belt, but not actually one of the championship belts."

Still not a bad gift, though.

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