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I grew up in Las Vegas so I have learned to love watching people fight and talking about it.
Jack Sullivan

Everyone loves a good super fight, so who would turn down a fight between the current UFC Middleweight and Light Heavyweight Champions?

When Daniel Cormier needed a last-minute replacement opponent for the UFC 200 fight card, Michael Bisping was one of the fighters that through his hat into the ring. Bisping was coming off the greatest win of his career after he knocked out former Middleweight Champion and Cormier's American Kickboxing Academy teammate Luke Rockhold. However, Dana White, Joe Silva and the rest of the UFC decided to go with Anderson Silva, who Bisping beat prior to winning the belt.

Though the two never met in the Octagon, that hasn't stopped Cormier from responding to the potential matchup. DC took to Twitter to have it out with the Count.

Bisping, never one to shy away from giving his opinion, felt obliged to give his two cents on the matter.

The two are friends outside of fighting and were clearly having fun with each other. They are regular analysts on UFC Tonight, UFC Weigh-In Shows, UFC Pre-fight Show, UFC Prelims and UFC Post-fight show on FS1. As someone who has worked these shows, there is no animosity between the fighters, but they have no problem messing with each other.

Though this should be taken as two guys messing around, one can hope that these two eventually come together for a super fight. A lot of wind was taken out of DC's sail when Jon Jones had to be pulled from the UFC 200 card and Bisping is already set for a huge fight with Dan Henderson. This fight would not help their friendship, but it might help their careers ... and their wallets. These men will have to defend their respective titles for some time, but down the line they might want to meet in the Octagon to determine who really is better, as any friends would want to know. A UFC fan can dream right.


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