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Is Julianna Pena just trying to ruffle Ronda Rousey's feathers?

Now she's apparently saying that Rousey may not return to the Octagon.

Pena said on The MMA Hour, according to, that she may have some insider information on the UFC women's icon.

"Everybody is still waiting on Ronda. So we’ll see.”

Then she said the UFC doesn't even know if she will return.

“Yeah, they’re still unclear if she’s coming back.”

Let's get clear about one thing. Rousey is likely to come back. She would be leaving millions of dollars on the table if she didn't and she would come back and be immediately in title contention.

The UFC has said that she will get a title shot when she returns. Rousey was dominant before Holly Holm upset her with a headkick and took her title. Since Holm knocked Rousey out, the women's bantamweight championship has changed hands twice, now belonging to Amanda Nunes.

Most expect Rousey to return and fight Nunes, but if she isn't ready, Pena may be in line for the next title shot. Doubting whether the icon will return may be part of her strategy to push Rousey out and get the title shot.

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