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The UFC uniforms -- derp, I mean "Fight Kits" -- seem to be more trouble than they're worth.

Since bringing in Reebok as the official outfitter of the company, the UFC has seen fighter after fighter suggest that the deal with the longtime shoe and apparel giant has had a negative affect and done financial damage to their bank accounts.

During his spot on The MMA Hour, UFC welterweight star Carlos Condit reflected on the recent skull fracture injury suffered by Cyborg Santos and how being sidelined for such a thing takes away a lot of security because you can't fight in that condition. This led to Condit commenting on how the Reebok deal affected fighter security.

"A big part of the Reebok deal ... our loss in sponsors took away our security. Now we are beholden to living fight to fight and we don’t have that buffer in between with regards to financial security that sponsors gave us. So, now we're in a weird place, man."

And another one.

Reebok hasn't had the greatest track record in the UFC. There have been wardrobe malfunctions, like when Valerie Letourneau had issues with her top in a recent fight.

And there was that one time Urijah Faber's rear chin came out to see the light.

And before he stepped away from fighting, Brendan Schaub said he took a huge pay-cut with the Reebok deal, claiming he could no longer make the upwards of $100,000 in sponsorships he earned previously.

It's not easy being a fighter and making a living. Few who fight now what it truly means to be financially successful, despite what Dana White says about how many millionaires he's made by promoting their fights.

You can check out Condit's full interview on The MMA Hour below.

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