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Josh Molina

CM Punk's UFC debut is rapidly approaching and soon we will get a window into his training and preparation for his fight.

Punk will finally step inside the Octagon after nearly two years of preparation. He will fight Mickey Gall at UFC 203. Most UFC and MMA observers have dismissed Punk's chances. He have never fought an MMA fight and at 37 years old, many questioned how he can be successful at high-level fighting.

Punk, however, is committed to proving the doubters wrong. Punk is a former WWE superstar who became one of wrestling's biggest stars. He was athletic, a great talker, and physical in his matches. Punk holds the record for the longest reign as WWE champion in the modern era -- 424 days.

The documentary is coming in two weeks. The wait for Punk is almost over. Is it almost clobbering time?

(image courtesy MMA Weekly)


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