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Jack Sullivan

After Valerie Letourneau and Joanne Calderwood fought at UFC Fight Night 89, Letourneau was visibly upset. And not because she lost. Letourneau had to deal with her fighting gear throughout the fight. Multiple chest kicks eventually led to "Trouble" having trouble with her sports bra, and she constantly had to cover up during the fight. However, there may be some good that comes from this.

Though not directly crediting the fight, the Association of Boxing Commisions has proposed new guidelines in order to regulate the in-fight gear for female fighters, as reported by MMAFighting. The new rules would allow either a sports bra or a form-fitting rash guard to wear while in competition. The women would also be allowed to wear the same bottoms as men, and would not be allowed to wear grappling pants or anything that goes below the knee. Tops such as t-shirts, singlets, half shirts and loose fitting tank tops are not allowed under the new guidelines.

The new rules were unanimously voted in by MMA rules and regulations committee and medical committees and were proposed to the general membership body on Monday. They will be voting on the new regulations shortly. If the ABC general body does vote it in, it will be up to the individual state commissions to adopt the rules.

These new rules will affect Reebok's loose fitting tank top design, but it is nothing that they cannot handle. The changes would allow for safer designed clothing for the women to compete in and would help an incident like what happened at UFC Fight Night 89 to be avoided in the future.


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