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A lot has already been said about how Matt Damon got into fighting shape for Jason Bourne, but the actor revealed a few more tidbits related to his training regimen on the Late Late Show with James Corden.

While debating with the late-night host and comedian Keegan-Michael Key over whether Bourne could beat up James Bond, Damon chatted about his amnesiac spy's propensity for killing people with random inanimate objections. Apparently the character's improvisational style was influenced by the Filipino weapon-based martial art of Kali.

"It started on the first one because I was talking to the guys I was training with, and they were showing me these destruction blows from this martial art called Kali. It's a Filipino style. They were like, 'You use anything sharp, you know a knife, a pen,' and I said, 'I'm sorry, what?' And the guy goes, 'You know a pen,' and he started showing me. I was like, 'We're definitely doing that.'"

Damon added that the impromptu weapons scenes came about by accident and they kept doing it because they loved the fact that Bourne was the type of fighter who can pick up any object and beat people with it. The group agreed that this aspect of the character is why he would have the edge over Bond in a fight.

"No offense to the Brits, but American ingenuity," Damon joked.

The actor went on to talk about his own, real-life martial arts skills, which he admits aren't nearly as good as the stuntmen on the set.

Although Damon told Corden and Key that he's been training in boxing for decades, he has a bad habit of accidentally punching the stunt crew during fight scenes. That's why he started making interesting deals with them as a way to apologize:

"I told the first guy that I fought with in 'The Bourne Identity' that 'Every time I punch you in the face, I'll buy you a bottle of champagne.' The guy was a professional kickboxer from France, and he was like, 'This is a very good deal for me.'"

The actor admitted that, between the four movies, he averages about four bottles per fight scene. As long as you're not Damon, that's not too shabby of a deal.

Check out a more in-depth look at Damon's training regimen in the video below:

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