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Brock Lesnar, the biggest star in both the UFC and the WWE, made his first public appearance since his alleged drug failures for performance enhancement drugs, on Monday night's episode of WWE Raw.

Brock didn't say a word. The only sign of his UFC 200 fight with Mark Hunt was a left eye that was still slight marked from his three-round battle Hunt. Lesnar won the match by unanimous decision, but later the United States Anti-Doping Agency revealed that Lesnar failed two drug tests, one before the fight and one the night of. Lesnar will get a full hearing in front of USADA, but unless he is able to prove that he was clean, he faces a two-year suspension from MMA.

Lesnar, nor his adviser Paul Heyman, said a word Monday night. Lesnar just performed his typical in-ring routine, bouncing around on his toes while Heyman amazingly promoted his match with Randy Orton at WWE Summerslam.

Perhaps it was because the in-ring interview came at the end of a three-hour show, but the Atlanta crowd was mostly quiet for Lesnar's segment. The crowd briefly yelled "Suplex City," one of his catch phrases, but otherwise weren't really into the segment. Has Lesnar lost some of his indestructible appeal since it was revealed that he may have taken estrogen blockers to cut fat? Time will tell, but the signs are there.

As Heyman was going on about how Randy Orton's only chance at Summerslam was to hit an RKO, Orton appeared out of nowhere to drop Lesnar with an RKO. Who knew, just like that, Orton did to Lesnar what Mark Hunt couldn't for 15 minutes.

The crowd absolutely lost it and it appeared as though Orton is one of the sport's biggests new babyfaces, while Lesnar is back to being heel. This is probably not how it would have played out had Lesnar not failed his drug test. The WWE probably would have sold the fact that Lesnar just smashed a guy in the Octagon, and he would been more over than Orton could have ever been.

Instead, it's Orton's break and that's why we love professional wrestling. Anything can happen, and usually does.

Watch Orton come out of the crowd to deliver the glorified Stone Cold Stunner, Stone Cold Steve Austin-style.


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