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Everyone run to the hills. Mark Hunt is still livid.

Hunt, who blew up about the UFC and the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency after Brock Lesnar failed not one but two drug tests around UFC 200, is continuing his post-fight rants about the matters that frustrate him.

In his latest social media spat, Hunt threw shade at USADA on Facebook (again), and to top it all off, he called them "wankers."

Check out Hunt's post below, which we've posted as a screenshot in the case he takes it down, Jon Jones style (sorry for the foul language).


Mark Hunt hasn't been the happiest UFC fighter lately. After UFC 200, a fight in which Lesnar originally won via decision, Hunt unloaded on the UFC and called them a "s**t company." He went on to demand a portion of Lesnar's fight purse, which, apparently, he hasn't and likely won't get.

Subsequently, it was revealed that Lesnar would NOT be fined by the UFC for his failed drug tests. Safe to say Hunt wasn't happy about that either.

Lesnar is now back in the WWE and will compete at SummerSlam. For now, the only punishment coming Lesnar's way lately is this surprise RKO from Randy Orton on last night's episode of Monday Night Raw.

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