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I have always heard about how the WWE is the pinnacle of the wrestling industry. If it is, why don't they have the best indie guys?

Here's the top 10 wrestlers/ tag teams the WWE really needs to sign.

10. Christopher Daniels

The king of the indies. Christopher Daniels did have a chance in the early 2000's but he decided, nah. Now though, I think it's time for him to finally sign on the dotted line and grace a WWE ring. Maybe a surprise appearance at Royal Rumble 2017? We can hope.

9. Decay

I remember when I watched TNA Impact for the first time. There was ECIII and "The Miracle" Mike Bennett, two former WWE wrestlers, but I also saw Decay. I love Decay. Not only are they Joker-like characters. They also are great storytellers. Defeating Beer Inc. for the TNA Tag Team Championships on an Impact taping they are amazing. I really want to see the WWE Tag Team Championships around the waists of Abyss and Crazzy Steve.

8. Jay Lethal

The current ROH champion, Jay Lethal could be amazing if given a chance. Lethal is currently on the WCPW roster and defended the ROH Championship at WCPW Buildt to Destory, he won, obviously. Someone start a petition to get Jay Lethal signed.

7. "The Bullet Babe" Amber Gallows

Luke Gallows' wife. Bring in Amber Gallows and make her the valet for The Club (Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows).

6. Rampage

The current WCPW World Champion. He is a big dude. Like Vince likes to have in the WWE. Although he would have to change his finisher, it wouldn't matter. To see him take on Braun Strowman on Raw it would be amazing.

5. El Ligero

Yes, I have lots of WCPW guys on this list because they are amazing. El Ligero is a Mexican Lucha Libre wrestler. He has had an amazing match during Built to Destroy with Martin Kirby. It was a mask for pride match and i'll just say Ligero still has a match

4. Martin Kirby

Speaking of Kirby, he's awesome. His mask for pride match at Built to Destroy was awesome. I suggest you all go find it on YouTube. It had some comedy in it which makes it better.

3. The Young Bucks

A great indie tag team, they need to sign with WWE especially since the draft happened. Could you imagine the success they could have? I can, longest reigning WWE World Tag Team Champions anyone?

2. Prince Ameen

Yet another WCPW guy, Prince Ameen is a great wrestler. Not only a great heel but a great technical wrestler also.

1. Big Damo

Finally, we top the list off with the only guy to take on Rampage, and lose the WCPW belt to Adam Blampied's guy.

If you disagree or agree comment. Tell me who you wanna see in the WWE. Share this story so your friends can read it also.

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