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Brock Lesnar continues to make friends. The 39-year-old who mauled Mark Hunt and then tested positive for performance enhancement drugs, is not only annoying his UFC peers, but his WWE ones as well.

Lesnar will face no penalty from the WWE for his United States Anti-Doping Association drug test failure and that has a lot of WWE wrestlers upset. Apparently, they didn't know that part-time wrestlers aren't subject to the rigorous testing that full-time performers are.

Triple H, The Undertaker and The Rock are among the part-time performers on the roster.

Dave Meltzer, editor of The Wrestling Observer, wrote this about the subject, as reported by The Rickey:

" WWE is very competitive, not as far as wins and losses, but as far as roster spots. There are far fewer spots on a WWE roster than in any major sports league. And unlike in sports, where you are judged on your performance in doing the sport and not how you look, in wrestling, cosmetic looks, which are very influenced by PED usage, gives one more of a competitive advantage than in a real sport. Besides, there is probably no real sport that has had the kind of health issues and young deaths that pro wrestling used to have before this program was put in place."

Some of the wrestlers have not spoken up about Lesnar because of fear of retribution, according to Meltzer.

"While no performer in WWE is likely to publicly address the subject, because of the fear of calling attention to it, those aware privately called it a double standard," Meltzerwrote. "The key is that the part-timers are already far better paid than all but the top tier of full-timers, and then get the advantage of being able to have a better physical look just because they have more time to rest and train to begin with, but now get an even bigger advantage in that department because if they should choose to use PEDs, there is no fear of testing that the rest of the roster has."

Lesnar has enjoyed a plush schedule since his return in 2012. He wrestles whenever and wherever he wants, is pushed in the major storylines and was chosen to be the guy to break the Undertaker's streak at Wrestlemania.

Lesnar is scheduled to return to the WWE on Monday, Aug. 1, in "Monday Night Raw." He will wrestle Randy Orton at Summerslam.

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