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Amy Kaplan

For the first time since the UFC has been sold there is a noticeable difference... Patrick Whitesell is standing in Lorenzo Fertitta's spot.

Whitesell is the co-CEO of WME-ING, the company that purchased the UFC for $4 billion from the Fertitta brothers and he looks to be stepping in already.

Friday marks the first appearance that Whitesell has made at an official UFC function. He appeared stage left at the UFC 201 weigh-ins in a red shirt, jeans and white sneakers.

He is seen in this Instagram video, posted by the UFC.

In case you missed it, I have captured the frame here. He is seen on the right side of the frame.

Former majority owners Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta have stepped down.

Whitesell and other co-CEO Ari Emanuel will most likely be the faces of WME-IMG as we know it.

It's likely we'll see more of him in the coming days and perhaps even a formal introduction might be made during the UFC 201 broadcast as this is the first Pay-Per-View card since the sell went public.


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