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Is MMA's most feared female fighter expecting a baby?

Well if you are Cris Cyborg on Twitter, then the answer is "possibly."

If you are a believer of UFC president Dana White, then the answer is "no."

Oh, who to believe.

Cyborg recently tweeted that Rousey may be pregnant.

According to TMZ, however, Rousey is not pregnant.

"We spoke with White ... who tells us he talked with Ronda on the phone after the Cyborg tweet and she assured him it just ain't true," according to

Rousey herself hasn't spoke about the rumors.

Obviously a Rousey pregnancy would delay any return to the Octagon, but it appears that Rousey will be returning soon. White has said that Rousey will get an immediate title shot when she decides she wants to come back to the Octagon

(Image courtesy MMA Weekly).


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