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Amy Kaplan

UFC President Dana White made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel live Thursday night to discuss the new UFC sale and his feelings as it went down.

"I can tell you this, and this is the honest to God truth, when this deal closed it bugged me out a little bit," he said.

The UFC announced it had been sold this month for $4 billion to WME-IMG, although technically no checks have been written yet.

He says that having new partners will be a change for him as he has worked with the Fertitta brothers for nearly 20 years.

He went to say that he couldn't eat or sleep for a few days following the sale.

"I kinda Howard Hughes'd myself up in my hotel room for a few days," he laughed.

(Hughes was a famously rich shut in, just in case you didn't get that reference)

White played coy with the exact figure that he made from the sale saying, "I made a couple bucks."

It's estimated that White, who owned 9 percent of the UFC will stand to gain more than $300 million dollars, and will regain his position as president.

But despite Kimmel's suggestion I don't think White will be buying a castle anytime soon.


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