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The Bourne franchise has always featured fantastic fight scenes, but the series' latest sequel has, by far, the best beatdown of the series.

As fans prepare to see Matt Damon back on the big screen as the amnesia-prone agent in Jason Bourne this weekend, Universal Pictures has teased the big battle in a lot of its promotional videos in the lead-up to the film's release. Without giving too much away, the match-up takes place between Bourne and a character only know as the "asset," played by Vincent Cassel.

Damon previously said in an online featurette that Jason Bourne would include the "mother of all Treadstone fights" against his "toughest opponent," and boy was he right. Cassel's character is a stone cold killer who would do anything to complete his mission, which in this case, is to take Bourne out.

Like previous installments, their battle features a lot of improvisational techniques, using random objects that are lying around as legit weapons. As you can tell by the gif above, there's a lot of that in the final fight, but it's not nearly as over the top as some of Bourne's other combat sequences.

As a whole, Jason Bourne is still as intense and action-packed as the original trilogy. However, the brawls don't come across as improbable or ridiculous because there's clearly an MMA influence on the techniques used, such as the Jon Jones-inspired spinning elbow. Particularly in the last battle, Bourne employs several standard yet powerful martial arts moves, including the Muay Thai clinch, knees, and a slick escape into a takedown that even professional fighters might want to learn how to use.

The focus on more real world techniques makes the fight seem gritty and grounded in reality, expanding upon what was laid out in the first few Bourne movies.

Damon's brawl with Cassel is also a must-see because their characters are so evenly matched.

The fan favorite protagonist has gone up against plenty of formidable foes, but nothing like the asset.

Cassel's character is pretty much the anti-Bourne, lacking in conscience but in possession of all the same fight skills. But that's why their fight comes across as so compelling. At times, you're actually not sure if Bourne can win this one.

Funny enough, this isn't the first time that Damon has taken on Cassel on screen. The actors played for different, cash-stealing teams in both Ocean's Twelve and Ocean's Thirteen, but with much less blood and punches to face.

Between the renewed focus on true life tactics and the amazing match-up of enemies, Jason Bourne hit it out of the park with this memorable fight scene.

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