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Outside from a few bright spots, highlighting the divas, and crowning a new #1 contender for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Smackdown Live was the B show yet again compared to Raw following Battleground and the brand split. The direction of Smackdown isn’t clear, but its clear Shane, Daniel and the writers are a bit lost. Smackdown needs a kick in the glass so I’m going to help them out.

1. Smackdown Needs a Women’s Championship

How? First, create a Queen of the Ring Tournament. Most importantly they need to create a couple of storylines to make things interesting. Currently the only storyline worth anything is Natalya and Becky Lynch. One great storyline would involve the return of Nikki Bella, highlighting her redemption story. Use Eva Marie as the woman hell bent on stopping her in route to becoming the face of the division. Another intriguing storyline would be the return of Melina and have her feud with Naomi. That leaves Alexa Bliss and Carmella to battle it out. The beef between the superstars gives that extra bust for when they meet in the tournament. The winner of the eight women bracket will be crowned Smackdown Woman’s Champion.

2. Make the Intercontinental Title Great Again

I can't help but feel that there was a missed opportunity when The Miz faced off against Randy Orton in Orton’s debut match. The Miz should have gone over with the help of Maryse. It would have created even more buzz around Orton and Lesner’s match, and made the IC champ look like a strong heel.

Instead, the champion looked weak and that made the IC title look the same - but fear not, there is time to build The Miz back up. The Miz has to be booked like a true champion with a squash match and a couple of victories against high profile guys like John Cena and another against Dolph Ziggler, before feuding with Bray Wyatt who should take the title form The Miz.

3. Use Your Greatest Talents

With the young talent on Raw Smackdown kinda missing the boat on this New Era movement, they need to really focus on great storylines and building up the young talents. Smackdown is vet heavy with John Cena, AJ Styles, Randy Orton, Dolph Ziggler, Alberto Del Rio and The Miz, whilst Kane, Rhyno, and the incoming Shelton Benjamin are 40+. Outside, WWE Champion Dean Ambrose (30) and Bray Wyatt (29) are the only young superstars with star power. As mentioned earlier Shelton Benjamin will be debuting on Smackdown soon.

Zach Ryder, Apollo Crews, and newcomer Mojo Rawley are two stars that should really be booked strongly sometime in the future. Signing FA Luke Harper (36) will help if he does in fact return. Pitting the vets against young talent and helping them go over will be a big help!

Can King of the Ring be Made to Mean More?

Raw may have the Cruiserweight division. I say fine, let Raw have its cruiserweight division, its cruiserweight title, and all the high-flying fun action, Smackdown doesn’t need it. Smackdown doesn’t need a new title, but their very own PPV helps. KOR should be one way to determine a number one contenders spot for the WWE Championship. Do away with the gimmick that comes along with the tournament victory and make this a serious all out battle with the same classic rules; a bracket of superstars battle it out for a chance to compete for the #1 Contender spot.


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