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Luke Rockhold wanted an immediate rematch with Michael Bisping after losing his belt in a spectacular first round knockout at UFC 199, but it's becoming clear that his wishes are not going to be granted.

The current middleweight champ will be facing Dan Henderson next, per Dana White. So Rockhold has set his sites on someone else... Anderson Silva.

"There's a guy I've always wanted to fight and that's Anderson Silva," said Rockhold on ESPN's Five Rounds podcast with Brett Okamoto. "Anderson Silva is still in the division, he's still obviously relevant. He had the controversial loss to Bisping, and I had my loss to Bisping. And obviously fighting my teammate on short notice, I think he's still very relevant and it's a fight that makes a lot of sense and would be a fun one to do."

Silva stepped in on just two days notice to fill in for Jon Jones at UFC 200 and proved that even in a loss he is a crowd favorite.

Rockhold says he is recovering from a knee injury and hopes to return to training in the next four weeks with the ultimate goal being getting the belt back from Bisping.

"I would love an opportunity to right that and finish this," he said. "I don't know if I will get that opportunity given that I know how vulnerable he is to the division, so I need to go make a statement with my next fight and that's what I plan on doing...I'll be ready for a last-minute replacement for this fight if Dan were to trip and stub his toe. There's nothing I'd love more than to step in on short notice and fix this."

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