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Earlier this week, Dana White commented to TMZ on the career of UFC Hall of Famer BJ Penn. While most people would focuses on the successes that led to a fighter being inducted into the HOF, White was disappointed in Penn's career as a whole. Despite being one of only two fighters to hold belts in two different weight classes, White believes Penn did not live up to his potential.

"BJ Penn probably should have been one of the best ever ... to ever live ... to ever do it. BJ was so talented," he said.

BJ has now responded to White's comments, talking to Khon2.

"It’s flattering and it makes you sad at the same time,” Penn said. “It’s strange for me to talk, because it’s like one side we’re talking about this Hall-of-Fame career guy, and on the other side, I’m just trying to prove myself."

However, Penn does not think that his story is over. Despite currently serving a suspension, Penn knows that "one-hundred percent, [he's] going to fight again."

“You got to talk about two different people, two different BJs at times. It’s [White's] opinion and he’s entitled to that, and all I can do for my side is get in there and show them,” Penn said. “Maybe Dana White will look back and be like, ‘You know what? Look at him now. That guy really did reach his full potential.'"

Penn is currently not scheduled to fight, but is seeking his Octagon return once he serves his suspension. And whoever he faces better know that BJ Penn is on a mission to become the GOAT of the sport.

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