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Amy Kaplan

Yun-Jun Lee the South Korean Road FC bantamweight champion has suffered a devastating stroke and has been forced to put his career on hold.

According to the athlete, who is considered one of the best mixed martial artists to come out of Asia, suffered an acute cerebral infarction last month which can lead to death in one of three cases. He woke up in the ICU with no feeling on the right side of his body.

"At first I was very scared. I thought, 'Am I going to die?'" Lee said. "'What if I can never fight again?' was also in my mind. "I could think and I was conscious, but I couldn’t move my body like I wanted. Fortunately I got to the hospital quickly and they did a punching procedure through the clogged vessels, and my arm and leg started moving as usual."

Although he was able to regain movement his recovery is a long way off. In order to focus on his health he relinquished his title with the hopes of eventually returning to the sport.

"I feel bitter. The title is important but what I mind more is losing my goal. I was living for only one goal my whole life, and now that goal has disappeared. It's difficult to accept," he said. "But never mind, I am tough. Somehow I will return and get back my championship belt."

Lee is 28-years-old and has a 11-2 record including a current nine fight win streak.


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