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From Jared Leto's insane Joker to Will Smith's deadly Deadshot, there's a lot for fans to be excited about in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie. While the iconic villains and big name stars may be getting all of the attention leading up to the film's release, there's one character who hasn't been getting much love, and she may just end up stealing the show.

Enter Katana, the expert swordsman and body guard to Suicide Squad leader Rick Flag. Played by actress Karen Fukuhara, the character has the potential to be the biggest badass in the team-up flick thanks to her ability to slice and dice her way through any adversary.

As Joel Kinnaman's Flag says in a recent clip, "She can cut all of you in half with one sword stroke like mowing the lawn."

In a cinematic world filled with wicked witches and killer crocs, it may seem like an odd idea having a super-powerless, samurai-inspired assassin as the person to keep the squad in line. Why would the black ops leaders even need her if they already have bombs implanted inside the team's heads?

Well, there's clearly more to Katana than meets the eye. If she's serving as Flag's protection against mystical and criminal threats, she must have some sort of abilities that we've yet to see in the previews.

We do know that Katana's Soultaker blade has the ability to take the souls of the people she kills. However, she probably has some sort of other enhanced skill set thanks to the blade that help her take on magical foes and your average enemies with assault rifles.

Although we can only speculate as to what Katana can really do on the battlefield, it's clear that her martial arts and sword skills will be more than enough to handle any Suicide Squad members who decides to not play ball.

"She is the deadliest," Fukuhara told the media during a set visit.

That's saying a lot considering all of the different and powerful members on the team.

Having such an important role on the squad coupled with the fact that we've seen little of Katana so far may indicate that her role is going to be pretty crazy when fans finally get to see her on the big screen.


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