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From bare-knuckle beatdowns to fighting people with pens, Matt Damon and his co-stars have gotten into a lot of on screen brawls over the years thanks to the Jason Bourne franchise. The aging, amnesiac rogue agent still has what it takes to throwdown, so expect some more epic match-ups from the series' latest installment.

In honor of the new film hitting theaters this weekend, let's take a look at some of the best fights from the Bourne movies.

5. When Bourne Brought A Pen To A Knife Fight

The Bourne Identity set the tone for the series and showed off just how versatile Bourne is as a fighter. While it's probably not smart to fight a guy holding a knife with a pen, Damon's character makes it work and the results are pretty badass.

4. That Time He Jumped Through A Window And Beat A Guy With A Book

Who said books were just for reading? Damon's last turn as Bourne in the Bourne Ultimatum featured an amazing, back-and-forth battle highlighted by an intense chase, jumping through windows, and beating up bad guys using a book. The fight choreography is also on point in this scene.

3. When He Ruined A House And Fought A Guy With A Rolled-Up Magazine

Bourne doesn't like to make things easy for himself, does he? In this fight scene from Bourne Supremacy, the Treadstone trained operative once again shows off his improvisational skills in a knife battle, this time, using a rolled up magazine to take on his foe.

2. Don't Forget Jeremy Renner

The Bourne Legacy star had some pretty good beatdowns as well, like this ridiculous rescue sequence where he takes out a slew of agents in a kitchen. And he didn't even need to use his improvisational fight skills to do it.

1. The New Bourne May Have The Best Fight Of The Series, Though

The final fight in Jason Bourne is one of biggest and baddest brawls in the whole franchise. Billed as the "mother of all Treadstone fights" in a recent preview featurette, expect a visceral and brutal, agent vs. agent match-up in the new flick.

What's your favorite Bourne beatdown? Let us know in the comments below.


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