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When you think of professional wrestlers who transformed into big-time actors, you think of Triple H, right?

Not really. Triple H, has yet to light up Hollywood like, say, The Rock, or even The Big Show, but it's probably not because of a lack of talent. Triple H just happens to love the WWE and although he has dabbled in legitimate acting, he has always made professional wrestling his No. 1 priority.

But did you know Triple H has an impressive resume of film and television appearances? Yep. While he has never starred in the film that he clearly was born to play, Tarzan, he has acted and done quite well.

As we honor 47 water-spraying years of Triple H, let's take a look at some of his acting roles.

4. The Chaperone

Watch him here play the role of ex-con trying to rehab his life and his image in the eyes of his daughter, b chaperoning young children. Sounds like Vince Russo wrote this one. This movie probably made less than Mr. Nanny at the box office because everyone knows Triple H is a natural heel and he should never be cast as the hero.

3. Pacific Blue

Here Triple H utters the classic lines, "Guess again, Blondie," and "Nice try, kid."

He beats up Mario Lopez, AKA Slater from "Saved by the Bell" and even sells for him pretty well. The coolest part, he's wearing jeans and a D-Generation X T-shirt. He's always trying to put over the product.

2. Mad TV

Triple H gets a few of his character's lines in here, saying he's "that damn good" and that "it's time to play the game." In this scene Triple H is there to help President George W. Bush invade Afghanistan. The skit ends as they go after Saddam Hussein.

1. Blade: Trinity

Imagine Triple H as a blood-sucking vampire? Well now you don't have to. This is actually good casting for Triple J. He plays a bad guy who wants to suck the life out of people. Hmm.

"He's like the world heavyweight champion of vampires," Triple H says of his character in the film. He stars opposite Wesley Snipes in the film.

Clearly Triple H can do it all, but instead chooses to mostly grace us with his presence as the second-most powerful man in professional wrestling. But look out "Dwayne," Triple H is just one Scorpion King away from taking over Hollywood.


(Image of Triple H's Wrestlemania 31 ring entrance courtesy Triple H WWE Universe Facebook page)


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