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While many UFC fans are anticipating that Middleweight Champion Michael Bisping will defend his belt against Dan Henderson in his home country in October, there may be another middleweight matchup to keep your eyes on. Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Vitor Belfort and No. 7 ranked middleweight Gegard Mousasi may potentially fight at UFC 204.

Though some reports are stating that this is a done deal, MMA Weekly claims that sources close to the fighters are saying the fight is still "in the works." The UFC has not confirmed the fight, nor the date and location of UFC 204. It is reported that they are shooting for Oct. 8th in Manchester, United Kingdom, giving Bisping a home field advantage.

Not only would this be a good fight for the fans to see, but many are speculating that Belfort and Mousasi can serve as replacements is either Bisping or Henderson gets injured during training.

Belfort is coming off a loss to Jacare Souza and has lost two of his three fights since the start of 2015. Mousasi is on a two-fight win streak against Thales Leites and Thiago Santos and has gone 4-1 since the start of 2015. The two have never fought, though they were set to face each other in 2009 at Affiction: Trinity. The two fighters could not settle on what the weight the bout would be fought at and the fight never materialized.

Though there are plenty of reports going around surrounding UFC 204, Champions is here to bring you up-to-date info on all the latest MMA news.

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