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From Brock Lesnar competing at UFC 200 to Ronda Rousey stating that she is definitely coming back to the Octagon, 2016 has been a year full of highly anticipated returns to the UFC. There may just be another person to add to that list.

Shane Carwin, former UFC heavyweight champion, announced today that he plans to come back to MMA after over five years away from the sport. He first revealed his desire to return to the Octagon on The Underground, and then confirmed it on his Twitter account.

Carwin first fought in MMA in 2005 and joined the UFC in 2008 at UFC 84. He entered the Octagon with an 8-0 professional record and won his first four fights in the heavyweight division, culminating in being crowned the Heavyweight Champion after defeating Frank Mir at UFC 111.

However, the glory did not last long for Carwin as he lost the title to Lesnar in his first title defense. After a unanimous decision loss to Junior Dos Santos and a series of physical ailments, Carwin decided to retire from the sport.

The heavyweight division is stacked at the top with talent, but its an older division. At age 41, Carwin would not be much older than much of the division's best fighters and could potentially make another run at the belt. Now it is up to Joe Silva and the rest of the UFC matchmaking team to decide if and who Carwin gets to fight.

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