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Amy Kaplan

Nate Diaz has a secret pre-fight secret weapon... and that's telling himself he's going to get knocked out.

“I write it off from the beginning like, ‘I’m probably gonna get knocked out,'” Diaz said during his appearance on Conan. “Just take that and accept it. And then go in there and make it happen. When it doesn’t happen, when you come out with a win, that’s pretty exciting.”

He says that any fighter who thinks different is fooling themselves.

“They’re all full of it. I’m a realist, man,” he said. “I accept the fact that there’s a probability you’re gonna get taken out and it’s gonna be pretty embarrassing. I accept that and go out there and don’t let it happen. And hopefully come out on top.”

Diaz is preparing to face Conor McGregor who he submit via rear-naked choke back in March. The fight was one of the biggest upsets in UFC history. The pair will settle the score once and for all this August at UFC 202.


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