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What do you get when combine the world's biggest soccer star and the world's biggest biggest martial artist?




How about just pure sports heaven?

Cristiano Ronaldo surprised Conor McGregor recently while the fighter was training in Las Vegas. McGregor plans to fight Nate Diaz in a grudge rematch at UFC 202 on Aug. 20. Ronaldo, sporting perhaps the greatest tan ever known to man, was there to support his MMA friend. The meeting was captured by The Mac Life.

Here's what you'll remember about the encounter. McGregor in his tight shorts and Ronaldo's unreal tanned abs. Clearly McGregor was excited to see him.

"How you feeling," Ronaldo asks.

"I feel good," McGregor responds. "Working hard."

McGregor later says, "I am coming for revenge."

Ronaldo then looks at McGregor and asks "confident?"

McGregor responds: "Very confident."

Of course it wouldn't be a Ronaldo moment without some self-loving moments.

McGregor asked Ronaldo how old he is.

Ronaldo responded: "31. I look 25," before grabbing his face and laughing.

You'll need to watch the video to appreciate it completely. The two bro-down with each other, talking about Jennifer Lopez and "taking over the UFC."

Do you think Nate Diaz hangs with Lionel Messi?


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