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Somebody is trying to talk her way into a title shot.

UFC women's bantamweight fighter Julianna Pena has some strong words for the state of women's MMA.

On an episode of the MMA Hour, Pena mouthed off about Holly Holm, who has lost two fights in a row since upsetting Ronda Rousey.

"I’ve been saying for a while now that harmless Holly couldn’t hurt a fly, especially in a five-round fight," Pena said. "It’s just a little nickname. She was a little bit overrated, she got thrown into the mix and got into the top 10 after beating up some people that have not been around as long. So I think she got a little lucky with the choices of opponents that she’s had."

With Pena looking at the possibility of Valentina Shevchenko getting the next title shot against Amanda Nunes, Pena may be trying to talk her way into a fight.

Then Pena blasted Rousey.

"I just know that the division has been changing a lot more now that Ronda is not the champion and I knew this was going to happen after that. Just because I feel Ronda is a one-trick pony who has been able to rack up all these wins and be so dominant, I knew the second she lost, it would be an open division for the rest of us. And once she was exposed, that it would be harder for her to get back in there and then second off, get back in there to win her belt. It’s good for the other girls to show the world that there are other 135-pound women out there other than Ronda Rousey."

Pena is 8-2 and defeated contender Cat Zingano by unanimous decision at UFC 200.

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