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Amy Kaplan

When Robbie Lawler isn't stealing souls he's having lunch with the media and gabbing about Nate Diaz.

Ok, maybe not gabbing... but he's definitely talking about him.

"I'm a rough guy, I fight rough and Nate's carrying the flag for a lot of fighters," he said when asked if a Nate Diaz super fight might be on the horizon. "I feel like he's an old school type of guy and I'm not looking to fight him."

"Nate's not one of the guys I am looking to fight," he added. "He did something amazing in March and I cheered him on. He's a [155er], everyone knows that."

Lawler is of course referring to Diaz's submission of Conor McGregor back in March.

Lawler is set to face Tyron Woodley at UFC 201 this weekend where he will be defending his title. If he wins he will improve his record to 28-10.

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