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Art Jones, brother of UFC's Jon Jones, was set to make $3.6 million this year playing for the Indianapolis Colts. Originally signing a five-year $33 million contract in 2014, injuries have sidelined Jones for most of his time with the team, but that was seeming to change as he was healthy this offseason. However, he may have to ride the bench a bit longer as he tested positive for PEDs last week. Jones has been suspended the first four games of the 2016 season.

"I'm on a mission, and I'm sticking with my mission to come here and dominate and play at a high level," Jones told reporters while responding to the suspension. "I apologize to the organization, more importantly my teammates and the fans, and I appreciate all of their support, too. It's a small thing, another thing I've got to get through, but I'll get through this and when October comes I'll be fresh, I'll be healthy and I'll be ready to dominate."

Jones has only played nine games for the Colts since joining the team two years ago. While he earned 8.5 sacks in his last two years with the Baltimore Ravens, he has only 1.5 with the Colts and has forced one fumble. This was the year that the organization was hoping he could finally record good numbers on a team that struggled on rushing defense last year.

Jones is claiming that the failed test is likely due to a supplement issue.

"I did a piss poor job of double checking my supplements to make sure nothing was banned," Jones said.

Though a common excuse for athletes who test positive for PEDs and other banned substances, it is possible for supplements to be tainted in the manufacturing process. There is no word yet of whether Jones will appeal the suspension, though it appears he will accept the four games and try to play Week 5 against the Chicago Bears.


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