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Josh Molina

Amir Khan wants to get paid.

The boxing superstar is baiting Conor McGregor and the UFC with his recent instagram post.

Khan apparently has started training at UFC gym.

Here's another shot of the fighter.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. has toyed with the idea of jumping to the UFC to fight Conor McGregor, in a mega dream fight. Mayweather Jr., however, has done little to actually follow-up his talk with action. Khan recently said he is younger and able to learn mixed martial arts a lot better than Mayweather can.

He's ready to rumble. Khan, 29, is a former world champion and silver medalist in the Olympics.

Boxers do not have a great track record of success inside the Octagon. Holly Holm won the world title, but when James Toney tried to jump from the square circle to the Octagon he nearly lost an arm to UFC legend Randy Couture.

McGregor, and any MMA fighter, can probably beat any boxer inside the Octagon. Put the two in the boxing ring, and the boxer is going to win. Maybe the Khan and McGregor can have a best of three series, with the third fight taking place in one of Dada 5000s Trigones.

No word on whether Canelo Alvarez has Octagon dreams, but if so . . .


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