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UFC President Dana White was interviewed by TMZ on the streets of New York this week (because who else) and he had some strong opinions on BJ Penn.

"BJ Penn probably should have been one of the best ever ... to ever live ... to ever do it. BJ was so talented," he said.

Penn was set to make his return to the UFC since 2014 when he was flagged by USADA for voluntarily admitting a prohibited use of an IV back in March. His scheduled come back was cancelled and he accepted a six month suspension.

"I think BJ in his own words would go back and do things differently if he could," White said.

Penn is currently 16-10 with wins over Matt Hughes, Kenny Florian, Renzo Gracie and Matt Sera. He had trouble getting past Georges St. Pierre who he lost to twice and Frankie Edgar who he faced three times, and lost all.

He is eligible to fight again September 25.

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