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Amy Kaplan

Has Nick Diaz finally inked his return to the octagon or is an old photo getting a lot of people excited for nothing?

This weekend a photo showing Diaz with Lorenzo Fertitta and Dana White paired with an image of Diaz signing what looks like a fight contract was posted on the Diaz Brothers Facebook page.

The thing is... the photo is most likely old. For one, Fertitta is no longer the owner of the UFC. Also, we all know the UFC likes to make fight announcements, I can't image they'd let the fight announcement go out like this.

But, Diaz is set to be off suspension soon so perhaps this is a teaser for something happening behind the scenes?

In case you forgot, Diaz was suspended following a post-fight drug test for his UFC 183 bout with Anderson Silva. He tested positive for marijuana metabolites and was originally suspended for five years due to being a repeat offender. It was later reduced to 18 months. He will be eligible to fight as early as this August.

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