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Jean-Claude Van Damme will bring his high flying kicks to the world of comedy when his new show Jean-Claude Van Johnson debuts on Amazon this summer.

If the name didn't already give it away, the action movie legend will be playing a version of himself in the upcoming series. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Van Damme's character is a world famous actor with some serious martial arts skills who also happens to be an undercover private contractor.

While taking a stab at a comedy show might seem like an odd choice for Van Damme, he'll still get the chance to beat up plenty of bad guys with his latest role. According to Deadline, the character—who works under the codename "Johnson"—is the go-to guy when it comes to overthrowing governments, taking out political rivals, and other deadly secret spy stuff.

Apparently there will be some romance as well. Van Damme's retired, gun-for-hire character decides to come back to his life of espionage after an unexpected meeting with his old flame, which reignites his love for danger.

Jean-Claude Van Johnson will be a mini-Expendables reunion of sorts as it will reunite Van Damme with screenwriter David Callaham, who created the characters for the Expendables franchise. Callaham wrote the pilot for the new comedy action series and served as an executive producer along with Ridley Scott.

Between the new show and the upcoming Kickboxer reboot, it's good to see Van Damme back in action on both the big and small screens.

Jean-Claude Van Johnson, which also stars Creed actress Phylicia Rashad, premieres Aug. 19 on Amazon.


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