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Luke Rockhold spilled the beans at the UFC 199 press conference that he has a knee injury and most thought it was a mind game aimed at his opponent Michael Bisping. Afterall, why would you admit to an injury before defending your title?

Well... it looks like he was telling the truth.

Rockhold posted an Instagram today getting a stem treatment of his knee, brace yourself it's kinda yucky.

He used the video as a way to address his fans who had been asking why he wasn't in the gym training.

"Incase you're wondering why I haven't been in the gym lately," he wrote. "What was a grade two MCL sprain turned into a grade three somewhere in the process of my last training camp. I'm doing what I can to avoid surgery and get healthy. I had a stem cell procedure done a week and a half ago. Hoping to get back to training in 3-4 weeks. There's nothing I want more then to get back in the gym, get back in the cage and get my belt back."

Rockhold lost his belt to Bisping via a vicious first round knockout. The bad blood between the two boiled over and eventually ran it's course when Bisping became the first ever UFC champion from the UK.

Rockhold states in the post that he wants to get his belt back, but the current champ has his eyes set on a rematch with Dan Henderson, which is rumored to take place this October.

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