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Ryan Matsunaga

Mackenzie Dern is easily one of the top women in the competitive Brazilian jiu-jitsu scene, and in just a few hours, she'll see if that skill can translate from the mat to the cage.

Dern has won her division at the World Jiu-Jitsu Championship twice in a row, and placed third in the openweight bracket at those same events—despite only weighing 130 lbs. She also became an ADCC World Champion in no gi grappling in 2015, and even managed to defeat the 230 lbs. Gabi Garcia (yeah, that Gabi Garcia).

The International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation currently ranks her as the #1 female jiu-jitsu competitor in the entire world.

Now Dern has turned her attention to the world of MMA, and will make her professional debut tonight at Legacy FC 58. She'll be facing fellow first-timer Kenia Rosas, although Rosas has already had several bouts at the amateur level.

If Dern wins tonight and decides to continue her MMA career, you can bet the UFC will be keeping a very close eye on this promising prospect.


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