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Josh Molina

Could this be the newest craze in combat sports? A three-sided cage?

Backyard brawler Dada 5000, who fought the late Kimbo Slice in Bellator earlier this year, has a new idea for combat sports and it looks ferocious.

Dada wants a "Trigone," where fighters battle in close-quarters to see who the tougher man is. If you are a member of the famed Gracie family, just stop reading this story. Right now.

Here's Dada's proposal:

A three-sided cage will certainly help reduce the necessity for good cardio, and all that movement and footwork that is required in an MMA or boxing match. You certainly can't run from your opponent in there.

It's a good think New York sanctioned MMA before Dada unveiled this idea. While this kind of fighting may be entertaining to some, at first glance it appears to lack the sportsmanship that mixed martial arts and boxing possess.

It's a skill to use the 20 x 20 ring or Octagon to your advantage. It's called ring generalship. No one would ever say Sugar Ray Leonard wasn't a great fighter, but how many fights would he have won in a Trigone? Not many. He used the ring to his advantage, and outboxed his opponents.

What about Georges St-Pierre. One of the greatest fighters ever, he certainly would be at a disadvantage being forced to slug it out with just about anyone. Put him in that Trigone with Robbie Lawler and pray for him. Put the two in the Octagon and GSP is going to show off some MMA skils that test Lawler's ground game, guard, endurance and all-around game.

But for the Dada 5000s of the world, this type of cage might be appealing. Short, explosive fights. MMA, however, has progressed far beyond that, and it's not likely that the UFC is going to be endorsing this type of setting for combat sports anytime soon.


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