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Josh Molina

Conor McGregor, we love you. You may not win every fight, but you do triumph in just about every conversation.

McGregor, who is getting ready to rematch with Nate Diaz at UFC 202, blasted Chad Mendes with a tongue-lashing almost as bad as the combination of punches he used to knock Mendes out.

After Mendes was suspended for two years for using performance enhancement drugs, according to USADA, McGregor questioned whether Mendes was doping when the two of them fought. Here's what he told The Mac Life.

“I wonder was he on that stuff when we fought. One thing I know for sure tho, you can’t put steroids on your chin”


McGregor knocked out Mendes in July of 2015, in a high-profile grudge match.

After a sick burn like that, it's McGregor 2, Mendes 0. Mendes will have to wait at least two years to avenge either of the losses.

(image courtesy MMA Weekly).


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