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Amy Kaplan

Former UFC fighter Chael Sonnen has entered himself back into the USADA pool according to MMA Junkie who spoke with a UFC official.

Sonnen has already been tested twice this year and seems to be making a move towards a return to the octagon. This would be his first return since his retirement back in 2014.

Athletes that retire from competition while still under UFC contract must give USADA at least four months notice before coming back to the sport, so this is likely the first step towards competing in the cage.

Sonnen retired amidst controversy when he tested positive twice around UFC 175. His first test showed five banned substances, and he was removed from the bout and he announced his retirement. The second test severed the relationship he had with the UFC and FOX.

When asked if this means he will be returning to the UFC he said, “Not if the test is as good as I remember it being.”


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