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The former champion is ready to make a run for the belt once again.

Chris Weidman, the former Middleweight Champion of the UFC, was supposed to fight Luke Rockhold at UFC 199 to reclaim his belt. However, a neck injury that required surgery pulled him off the card and he had to sit back as he watched Michael Bisping take the belt.

While Weidman has been calling from the sidelines for his chance at the belt, the UFC went in a different direction and selected No. 13 Dan Henderson as Bisping's first opponent. Weidman was still recovering from his surgery and would need to fight in order to get his title shot.

Well that bout may come soon as Weidman tweeted out that he was cleared to fight.

Though Weidman will not be fighting for the belt in his return, that doesn't mean he won't be in a high-profile fight. Many MMA fans have speculated that Weidman, one of the most famous and beloved UFC fighters from New York, would be on the UFC 205 card. And what better person to face than the man who he was supposed to fight in June that took his title to begin with? Rockhold has no scheduled opponent and who wouldn't want to be on the first New York card?

All of that is for Joe Silva and Sean Shelby to figure out, but one this is for sure. Chris Weidman is back and ready to fight for the belt.

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