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Amy Kaplan

UFC 209 is on the horizon and there's been no announcement of a headliner or a location, so I'm going to plan one for them.

OBVIOUSLY UFC 209 needs to be in the 209... Stockton for all you newbies.

And if it's in Stockton it has to be headlined by the Diaz brothers. No, not facing each other dummies! Main and co-main would suffice.


Ok, so Nate would be the main event, and I'd put him facing Conor McGregor. Yes, I know they are already doing a rematch, but I have a feeling McGregor will win that one and a trilogy will unfold. (Plus I think McGregor will do anything to delay going back to 145).


Big brother Nick Diaz will make 209 his comeback fight. He's been on suspension for the last 18 months, and is set to return soon so the timing couldn't be better. I'd like to see him face Anderson Silva again, this way we can also put that last fight behind us.


I'm thinking location could be Stockton Arena which seats 12,000. This would be the first UFC event in Stockton and it has to go off with a bang... er... a Stockton slap?

Who else should be on this card? Tell me your dream match ups!


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