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Evangelista "Cyborg" Santos is donating all of the more than $24,000 that his ex-wife Cris "Cyborg" Justino helped to raise following his injury at Bellator 158.

According to Santos will be giving the money collected through a GoFundMe page to Casa do Menor Trabalhador de Rua, an institute in Brazil for children of street workers. This was a place he went as a child and he wants to give back. This center is much like a Boys and Girls Club or YMCA in the United States.

“Ever since I was a child, I’ve wanted to repay, from my heart, the sense of security and direction I received at this project,” he said Monday. “Today I’m the fruit of their labors. So I wish to use the money that has been raised to launch a great dream of mine, to offer martial arts, literature and English classes. That way, we can prepare new champions for the fight that is life, and encourage them to use their full potential – intellectual, physical and technical.”

He says that since Bellator is paying his costs, plus extra he is not in need of the funds that were collected.

"I’m fine. Nothing happened. I wasn’t knocked out," he said. "I only felt the pain from the fracture. At no time did I have any symptoms like convulsions or dizziness. It wasn’t a knockout. It was a fracture. It didn’t affect my brain. Everything is OK. People are crazy. I don’t need anything. At no time did Bellator refuse to help me.”

Santos was struck by a flying knee which caused a skull fracture and sent him to the hospital. His ex-wife rushed to his aid and gathered support from the MMA community to rally together to help where she thought he might need it.

"Bellator took responsibility for my hospital costs,” he said. “They paid my win bonus. As such, I don’t find it fair that I should use the money for my own benefit. Even in a loss, I was blessed by the prayers and care of everyone in the fight world. May God bless each and every person for their positive thoughts, prayers and contributions. May the blessings also reach your families. And may God also bless Cris, who was so shocked by those images. Thank you for your friendship and concern."


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