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Wednesday marked the 43th anniversary of the death of Bruce Lee, the martial arts movie icon who tragically passed away at the age of 32.

While Lee didn't live to see the impact he had on society, without question, the actor and student of the fight game left an indelible mark on Hollywood, combat sports, and beyond.

In honor of Lee's life and legacy, here's a look back at his top 10 coolest and most bad ass moments.

10. That time he fought Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

The height difference was insane in Game of Death, but that didn't stop Lee from whooping the NBA legend's butt.

9. When he showed off his two finger push-ups.

Seriously, how did he not break anything?

8. That time he fought Chuck Norris.

Sorry Chuck, but you were never a match for the Dragon.

7. His famous one-inch punch.


6. When Bruce Lee the philosopher dropped knowledge like a boss in an interview.

"Be water my friend."

5. When he made this face in Enter the Dragon.

Watching him jump on his downed opponent while making that face is one of the greatest martial arts movie moments of all-time.

4. His classic mirror fight scene in Enter the Dragon.

Lee had so many great fight scenes in this film, but the final battle is a real thriller.

3. That time he actually fought off a challenger who tried to run him out of town.

His moves weren't just for show. Lee actually fought a local kung fu master named Wong Jack Man who wasn't happy that he was teaching non-Chinese people martial arts. As Linda Lee Caldwell's version of the story goes, Lee "pounced on him like a springing leopard" and defeated his challenger in three minutes.

2. When he showed off his fast hands during an audition for the Green Hornet.

Never mess with Kato.

1. When he made nunchakus the coolest toys a kid could have.

Coolest. Weapon. Ever.


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