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Jose Aldo says he had a spy in his UFC 200 opponents training room during fight week.

Aldo faced Frankie Edgar during the UFC's biggest fight card ever and it seems he was going to make sure he had every base covered.

"We had a few spies from the other side," Aldo said during a press conference in Brazil. "People that were training with him the entire week, and they always came and talked to us. So I had to stop kicking and my left hand, because he would counter on that."

Generally fighters are separated during fight week, but it looks like Aldo has found a way around that. According to, Aldo says that he looked at the list of athletes training at the second room to see who could give him information about Edgar’s training routine and strategy.

"We always have a spy," Aldo said. "We send someone to be a part of that training [room] and then they give us information. We get that information and know what they are training."

He wouldn't admit who the mole was, but it was apparent it was a Brazilian.

"We always have Brazilians in the other corners," he said. "When I go train in the first day, I also see the list of cornerman. And, if there’s a Brazilian, we go after him and ask him to take a look, because that helps a lot."

Aldo beat Edgar via a unanimous decision to gain the interim featherweight title.

And now all of his future opponents know his secrets!

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