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July has not been a good month for Jon Jones. He was supposed to fight on the biggest card in UFC history but was pulled when he failed an out-of-competition drug test by USADA. The B-sample was then tested and it came back positive. Then his month of misery got worse when it was confirmed last week that Jones tested positive for clomiphene, an estrogen blocker on the banned list, and traces of letrozole. The clomiphene is what is drawing the most eyes as it is what an athlete would typically take after completing a steroid cycle.

While much of the media has been running rampant with this story, Jones' long-time manager Malki Kawa took particular issue with Chael Sonnen commenting on the potential ban. Kawa joined Sonnen on his podcast You're Welcome with Chael Sonnen to discuss his displeasure with the situation.

"No, I’m not happy with it at all. I don’t appreciate the fact that you come out there, you put stuff out there and you don’t call to get confirmation or anything to that effect," Kawa said.

Kawa took particular offense that he felt as though Sonnen had turned against one of his own kind. Sonnen, a former UFC fighter, seemed disrespectful to Jones in Kawa's eyes and just ran with a story to get hits.

"The fact that you are a media guy, and you want to say stuff or you want to report stuff, you are within your rights. You are right in that lane. But at the same time from a fellow fighter, I didn’t get it," Kawa said.

However, Sonnen stood his ground, defending his right to talk about this story. He also believed that his past history of using banned substances made him more than qualified to comment on the situation.

"I went through it, I lived on both on the tracks here. … Jon is in the hot seat for what he tested positive for, which were these estrogen blockers. A blocker is just that, it blocks something. It does not add anything. That is what he has to answer to, but I have not speculated on that anywhere," Sonnen said.

This did not satisfy Kawa, who continued to defend Jones. He felt it is unfair to punish a fighter who unknowingly takes a banned substance as harshly as one who purposefully was taking the substance. The comparison should not be made between those two types of fighters. Kawa was even prepared to controversially defend his position and Jones.

"This is like saying — and I might get ripped for this tomorrow — if you are a girl at the bar, and you have your drink there and a guy comes and sits next to you and he sticks something in your drink, and you get raped, well sweetheart you should have been watching your drink. That’s exactly what you tell anybody who comes and says ‘Well wait a minute, I didn’t do this. I’m not a cheater.’"

Jones is still facing a potential two-year ban from MMA if he gets the standard punishment for such an infraction. This, along with his time away from the sport following his hit-and-run investigation, could see him out of the Octagon for a great amount of his prime years as a fighter. It is no wonder that Kawa is so vehemently defending Jones.

For now, we as UFC fans must wait and see how the cards fall. All we know is that Jon Jones' month is going to get worse before it gets better.


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