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Cris "Cyborg" Justino is arguably the most dominant female in Mixed Martial Arts, and she's getting fed up not being able to fight in the UFC in her weight class.

The Invicta champion took to Facebook today to vent her frustrations.

Cyborg currently fights at 145 pounds and has voiced her concerns about cutting to 135, which is the next closest weight class for females in the UFC. She has cited previously that it's unsafe for her to cut that much weight, but compromised and did a 140 catchweight bout at UFC 199 for her first ever fight in the UFC.

She dominated Leslie Smith to get a TKO victory at just 1:21 in the first round.

Cyborg has been undefeated for more than 10 years and has been lobbying for a 145 division to be added for quite some time.

Every UFC Banatamweight in the history of the female division has fought at 145lbs. Miesha Tate, Ronda Rousey, Holly Holm, and Amanda Nunes. None of these girls have ever fought lighter than 135lbs. Currently there is not one girl in the bantamweight division's top 10 to have fought their entire career at 135 and half of the girls ranked in the Bantamweight Top 10 are on a losing streak.
I am the only MMA World Champion to have ever successfully went down in weight to compete in a superfight while still holding the world title.
I deserve my own division.
These girls didn't want to fight me in my weight class and now fans want me to face them for no belt, or risk my health to chase theirs, this is not fair.
I've earned the right to fight in my division and women deserve an equal opportunity to compete.
#1 P4P female fighter in MMA according to ESPN.
Whatever you do don't miss my next fight...I am going to show the world why these girls left the division

I mean, she kind of has a point. Why isn't there a 145 division? We have seen a carousel of bantamweight champions since Ronda Rousey's loss with no woman able to defend the title successfully.

Cyborg has yet to announce her next fight and fans are curious if it will be for Invicta or the UFC.


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