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Unsurprisingly, Mark Hunt is not happy.

Recent news broke that Brock Lesnar failed another drug test, his in-competition sample that was taken at UFC 200. Much of the MMA world is reacting to the news, but Hunt is particularly upset about the new info from USADA.

Lesnar is the third fighter that Hunt has faced who has failed a USADA drug test. The news that broke last week that Lesnar had failed an out-of-competition test sent Hunt into a frenzy, saying that he is owed part of Lesnar's purse. Originally asking for half of his winnings, Hunt now wants all of Lesnar's $2.5 million purse. This revelation has only furthered his cause to get the purse.

Though the substance has not been confirmed, it is being reported that Lesnar tested positive for the same substance as Jon Jones did prior to UFC 200.

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