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I’m going to be doing a regular blog here, so this first post is going to act as the prologue. Some of you might already know that I fight in the 145 pound division for Invicta FC, but maybe you don’t know how my fighting career got started.

I’m from Gold Coast, Australia — I grew up there, I went to school there, but I didn’t really like school, so I just kept to myself. I wasn’t really an athletic person and I didn’t have many friends. I guess you could say I was a bit of a loner.

After school, I took the most logical step in any loner girl’s life: I joined the army. I trained to become an officer, but there’s a lot of politics involved, and at the time, I just wasn’t patient enough to put up with all that sh*t, so I didn’t finish it.

My MMA career led me to Kansas City, Missouri, where I live and train (Glory MMA & Fitness), and since being here, I’ve settled into the American way of life pretty seamlessly. I’ll tell you about how I got into MMA in my next post, because that’s a story that requires a visit to a dark moment in my past. For now, I’ll just keep it light.

So, getting back to my first observances of the United States, the biggest thing I had to get used to was driving on the opposite side of the road. I noticed lots of subtle differences, but that was a task in and of itself, and the only thing that really required some attention and focus.

There’s just a very different way of living here. It’s more high-paced compared to where I’m from. We’re pretty laid back in Australia, but here, everyone is always rushing around to get someplace. Everyone is always in a hurry.

Another thing I see is lots of properties with unfenced back yards. That seems weird to me at first, and maybe a little too open to neighborly encroachment for my taste. All our yards are fenced off and you have a set property line that leaves no room for error.

There are a ton more food options here, and that might not be the best thing for a fighter that has to stay in shape and cuts weight regularly. Fast food-wise, there is so much that is easily available, which makes maintaining a decent diet a chore, especially when you have a Freddy’s Steakburgers nearby. That’s my favorite, and they have fried pickles now, which is my go-to menu item. I do the whole ranch dressing experience with them, too.

I like Longhorn Steakhouse and Jack Stack BBQ, as well. The BBQ scene is really good here in Kansas City, and it’s easy to get carried away with. On any given day, a visit to one of these establishments can give you the lasting gift of a few extra pounds, so you have to be really careful and practice the fine art of moderation.

All in all, this is a great place and I’m having a blast living and training here. Apart from the fact that you guys drive on the wrong side of the road, there’s everything to write home about.


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