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Jon Jones and Brock Lesnar have both been flagged for USADA violations this month, but Jones doesn't think he and Lesnar are in the same boat.

"I know we are not in the same boat, I'll just leave it at that," Jones tweeted on Monday when a fan asked if he and Lesnar might have similar stories.

Jones is claiming that he was unaware he was taking any banned substances. Does that mean he is claiming Lesnar was aware?

Jones and Lesnar were both scheduled to fight at UFC 200, Jones vs. Daniel Cormier as the main, and Lesnar vs. Mark Hunt as the co-main. Jones was removed from his bout as the results for his tests came back before the bouts. Lesnar fought, and was paid a record setting $2.5 million as his results did not come back until a few days after the fight.

Lesnar has been less vocal about the results stating, "We will get to the bottom of this,” in a statement provided The Associated Press.

The substances Jones was flagged for were revealed to be Hydroxy-Clomiphene and Letrozole Metabolite. The details of Lesnar's tests have not been revealed.

According to USADA, Lesnar was tested eight times this year, Jones was tested six.

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