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If Brock Lesnar did in fact take performance enhancement drugs leading up to his UFC 200 fight with Mark Hunt, it could turn out to be a mistake of epic proportions.

Lesnar reportedly stands to lose several million dollars, according to Dave Meltzer, editor of the Wrestling Observer.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission for a first performance enhancement drug test offense can choose to fine between 50 and 75 percent of a fighter's purse. Lesnar made a guaranteed $2.5 million for fighting Mark Hunt at UFC 200. Lesnar dominated two of three rounds and won the fight by unanimous decision.

Lesnar could lose between $1.25 to $1.75 million if he is unable to clear his name.

"If they go after his PPV bonus it's millions more than that," Meltzer said on his premium subscription radio show. "This is a million-dollar fine and potentially a multimillion-dollar fine that the guy is facing."

Lesnar's potentially failed drug test is another blow to the seemingly cursed UFC 200. Jon Jones was also pulled from the main event for a failed USADA test.

Lesnar wrestles for the WWE and it is unclear if the WWE will suspend him also. The WWE also drug tests and it recently suspended superstar Roman Reigns for a failed drug test.

Meltzer added that Lesnar earned an estimated $6 million from the Hunt fight. The fighter faces a two-year suspension if the drug test is confirmed as a performance enhancement drug.

"It pretty much ends his MMA career," Meltzer said of Lesnar, who would be 41 when a suspension ends.


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